For Practitioners

The OhioKAN program takes a holistic approach to supporting families by focusing on both needs at the family and community level. OhioKAN partners with families to strengthen their networks and connect them with programs and services that meet their unique needs. Practitioners serve both Kinship and Adoptive families by listening to their needs, developing a referral binder that is customized to those unique needs, and providing additional support to assist in navigating community resources and achieving goals determined by the family.

To create a hospitable context for the intervention, OhioKAN convenes local community-based advisory councils designed to support and reinforce the navigation services families receive. Cultivating a network of relationships focused on systems change benefits families by creating a more connected system of resources, services, and supports that is aware of the unique strengths and needs of kinship and adoptive families and is better equipped to meet their needs.

The list below includes key sections of the manual to support the practice of kinship and adoption navigation.

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Core Components

Read about the OhioKAN core components to understand the essential program elements, functions, and associated activities.

Theory of Change

Review the OhioKAN theory of change to understand the challenges that Kinship and Adoptive families face, how OhioKAN serves families and communities so that identified outcomes are achieved.

Partnerships with the Community

Learn about how OhioKAN was first implemented in the state of Ohio and the fundamental frameworks for engaging families and honoring their needs through a lens of inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

Service Delivery

Understand how the core components of the OhioKAN program model are operationalized such as the steps for opening a service episode, completing the BASICS, providing a referral binder, co-developing a support plan, following up with families, and closing the service episode.

Staffing Resources

Review the staffing resources leveraged in OhioKAN to train and support staff in serving Kinship and Adoptive families.

Appendix 1. Assessments and Plans Used in Practice

Deepen the understanding of both the BASICS and Support Plan that staff use during service delivery to understand the family’s needs and to develop an action plan for how to best support them in achieving their goals.