Kinship & Adoption Navigator

Overview of the OhioKAN Program:
OhioKAN is an innovative statewide Kinship and Adoption Navigator Program that supports formal and informal kin caregivers and adoptive parents by providing information and referral services and assistance obtaining support services. Building on current and previous Ohio kinship navigator programs, OhioKAN is distinguished by its planned statewide implementation, broad population of families served, and provision for rigorous evaluation. Contingent on evaluation results, OhioKAN may establish a new evidence-based practice model that may be considered for federal payments under the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018.

OhioKAN builds the necessary community and systems capacity to support families and works directly with kinship and adoptive families to build confidence and connections. Anticipated outcomes to be measured include greater family resilience, improved family functioning, increased stability and permanency for children, and improved child well-being.

OhioKAN is a statewide program organized into 10 geographic regions. Regional staff will develop community capacity to deliver a service model designed to support formal and informal kin caregivers and adoptive parents obtain the knowledge, social support, and access to the human services and resources they need to achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes for themselves and the children in their care.

Overview of the Kinship and Adoption Navigator Position:
The Kinship and Adoption Navigator is a full-time position dedicated to supporting kinship caregivers and adoptive parents in accessing the services, resources, and social support they need to care for themselves and the children in their homes. The Kinship and Adoption Navigator reports to the [insert partnering supervisor’s organizational job title here], and meets weekly with the OhioKAN Regional Coach for case consultation and support in delivering OhioKAN services with fidelity. The primary functions of this role include providing direct services to families and children, participating in continuous quality improvement activities, community outreach, collaboration, and continued learning of emerging best practices in serving kinship and adoptive families.

Providing Direct Services

  • Responds to inquiries about participation in the OhioKAN program, provides referrals, and follows up in a timely manner
  • Partners with kinship and adoptive families to assess their needs, identify their goals, and provide individualized case management to provide an appropriate level of support in achieving their goals
  • Collaborates with diverse families and organizational partners with an empathetic strengths-based orientation that prioritizes dignity and respect
  • In partnership with the Regional Director, builds and maintains relationships with public and private partners to support referrals
  • In partnership with the Regional Coordinator, builds and curates a list of services and resources across the region to serve kinship and adoptive families
  • Advocates alongside kinship and adoptive families for access to services to achieve their goals
  • Organizes and hosts events for outreach, public education, and to support kinship and adoptive families
  • Conducts home visits and meetings at times and locations that accommodate families’ schedules
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Continued Learning
  • Meets regularly with assigned OhioKAN Coach to monitor fidelity to the OhioKAN model, review cases, and set goals.
  • Documents case-level data as specified by the OhioKAN model
  • Identifies trends across cases and shares common barriers and facilitators that kinship and adoptive families are experiencing
  • Participates in Learning Collaboratives in order to problem-solve and exchange knowledge with other Kinship and Adoption Navigator sites across the state
  • Implements strategies as defined by the regional and statewide CQI plans and participates in CQI activities as assigned by the Regional Director

Education and Experience

  • Associate’s or Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Public Health, Education, or related field preferred
  • Experience working directly with families and/or case management experience preferred


Background Check Information: The final candidate selected for the position will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position. An individual assessment of an applicant's prior criminal conviction(s) will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.