Child Participation

This process may also involve the child(ren) if it is appropriate to the age of the child, the needs of the family, and relational dynamics of the situation. Before beginning the Support Plan conversation, Navigators discuss with the parent or caregiver whether the child should be involved in the planning conversation. If the parent or caregiver and the Navigator determine it is appropriate to involve the child, the Navigator describes the Support Planning process. The caregiver and Navigator decide together how best to engage the child and which part(s) of the process the child will be involved in. Some families will have multiple service episodes. The Navigator should not take child participation in a prior service episode to mean that child participation is always appropriate for the family. Instead, the Navigator should check with the parent or caregiver to determine how that child should be involved at the start of each new service episode and revisit the conversation as needed throughout the advocacy relationship. There are no circumstances where it is appropriate to involve the child in OhioKAN conversations or Support Planning without the parent or caregiver’s consent. See the Discussion Guides for Co-Developing the Kinship and Adoptive Family Collaborative Support Plan with the Family in the Appendix for further practice guidance on engaging children in the Support Plan.