Statewide Operations

The non-profit organization, Kinnect, and the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) partnered together to convene a formal management structure to attend to the day-to-day operations of the program’s implementation, fidelity to the model, and sustainability. Kinnect is the statewide implementing provider organization of the OhioKAN program model. The management structure includes ODJFS funding and agency staff embedded in the initial and ongoing implementation support efforts such as project and implementation teams. ODJFS staff support the Kinnect staff by providing expertise and guidance in areas such as program development, implementation, and management of the statewide data system (SACWIS).

The OhioKAN program is delivered statewide and administered regionally via ten OhioKAN regions. These geographic regions were developed as part of the initial program design, based on statewide stakeholder recommendations, Ohio census data, and county-reported population data. Each region is supported by a Regional Director with the guidance of a Regional Advisory Council, consisting of local providers and leaders within that region. Kinnect includes a set of program staff to support the OhioKAN model. Such staff include a Program Director, Program Manager(s), Program Coordinator, Program Trainer(s), Regional Directors, Regional Coaches and Regional Coordinators. You can find staff practice profiles in the ‘Staffing Resources’ section and staff position descriptions in the Appendix.