OhioKAN is a flexible and responsive kinship and adoption navigator program designed to support children, youth, and their families. OhioKAN partners with families to strengthen their networks and connect them with programs and services that meet their unique needs. Building on the premise that families are inherently capable of finding solutions to the circumstances and challenges they face, the OhioKAN program takes an inclusive, engaging, and genuine approach to strengthening families and their networks. The OhioKAN program takes a holistic approach to supporting families by focusing on both needs at the family and community level.

OhioKAN aims to address these needs by providing navigation services to kinship and adoptive families to build confidence and connections, while also building the capacity of communities and systems. Macro-level systems change is designed to support and reinforce navigation services while the network of partnerships involved in systems change efforts are expected to benefit families because a more connected system that is aware of the unique needs of kinship and adoptive families will be better equipped to meet their needs.


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