After completing the BASICS

  • Ask if they would like the referrals via email or mail.
  • Ask if they would like additional support accessing the referrals (such as, calling the referral agency together, help filling out an application, attending a meeting, or other support).
  • If they would like additional support or resources to meet their needs, schedule a time to complete a Support Plan to identify specific supports and assistance needed, see the section ‘additional support’ for more information.
  • If they are comfortable accessing the referrals independently, ask if there is a time within the next 30 days when they would like a follow up contact and whether they would like follow up via email, phone, or text message.
  • Let them know your direct contact information will be listed on the packet and encourage them to reach out if they encounter any challenges with the referrals.
  • Let them know they may be contacted by OhioKAN’s evaluator.
  • Send the referral binder and overview sheet of all available OhioKAN services.