Referral Conversation: Service Information and Connection

  • Provide the organization name, address, phone number, and website verbally as well as documenting the organization name in the Support Plan.
  • If referring to multiple organizations, pause and ask the OhioKAN Participant if they have any questions or anticipate any barriers.
    • If there are anticipated barriers, document them in the OhioKAN Information Hub and ask about them during the follow up call.
  • Ask if the OhioKAN parent or caregiver would prefer to receive their referral packet via email or physical mail.
  • If the referral is for a brochure or other written informational resources, be sure to specifically state that you have heard the need and will be sending information for the OhioKAN parent or caregiver to read through.
  • Work with the parent or caregiver to develop a plan for how and when they can access the service taking any barriers like transportation or language into consideration.