Core Implementation Supports

Included in the core components are the core implementation supports deemed essential for successful implementation of the OhioKAN program model.

Commitment to continuous quality improvement

  • Promotion of a culture of learning and engagement of staff in making programmatic and practice improvements to achieve outcomes for kinship and adoptive families
  • Regular review of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access
  • Disaggregation of data by key demographic characteristics to assess and ensure inclusion, diversity, equity, and access

Comprehensive community service and support mapping

  • Service and support mapping generates a list of resources to refer OhioKAN families to
  • Assessment of the existing service array and ongoing identification of service gaps

Localized community outreach and capacity building activities

  • Outreach efforts focused on reducing stigma around support seeking behaviors and normalizing a variety of family constellations
  • Convening multidisciplinary stakeholders to build awareness and knowledge within communities and across disciplines about the unique strengths, challenges, and needs of kinship and adoptive families and best practices for serving them