Service Episode Closure Checklist

  • Ensure all documentation in the data system is complete.
  • Ensure any service gaps or issues with referrals are elevated to the proper person within your team and documented in the Info Hub if appropriate.
  • Create an activity log in the data system to document the final contact.
  • Use the activity log to close the service episode.

Once it has been identified that a Case Service needs to end, the OhioKAN staff should document that in the data system. How you document the end of a Case Service depends on how many providers you have linked to the Case Service. If only one provider is linked to the Case Service, you end the entire Case Service. If you have multiple providers linked to the Case Service, you end each specific provider. This allows you to keep the Case Service active if the family is still trying to access different providers or different providers have different end reasons.

Case Services automatically end when an episode is closed in the data system. If staff have no knowledge that a Service was accessed, that there were barriers, or that the family no longer needed the service then there is no need to end a Case Service or provider. This procedure only pertains to those situations in which the family has informed staff that the need for the Case Service or provider has ended.